Eco-Friendly Materials
In strict compliance with domestic and foreign regulations on environmental protection, throughout the entire process from procurement to manufacturing, we have developed new eco-friendly molded fiber packaging method.

This process is aiming at minimizing the impact of packaging production on the environment by using environmentally-certified raw materials and auxiliary materials (e.g. base paper, soy ink), as well as natural materials (cane pulp, bamboo pulp, wood leaf pulp, waste-corrugated paper).

In the future, Paishing will develop the usage of eco-friendly materials, such as bio-degradable plastics, water-soluble inks adhesives and natural pigments.
Eco-Friendly Package
We have broken the bottleneck that plagues traditional printing and packaging in developing and promoting environmentally-friendly products by:

- vigorously developing eco-friendly molded fiber packaging,
- applying natural materials with a stronger regeneration and faster natural degradation capabilities,
- using waste material

Eco-friendly molded fiber packaging is shaped by precision molds offering simpler procedures, more stable structures and better protection for the customers’ products.

Molded fiber process can be applied for multiple purposes and fields, such as exterior and interior packaging, inside support and corner protection and can be used as an excellent substitute to traditional packaging materials.

As part of its R&D effort, Paishing is working on using more natural materials (e.g eucalyptus, straw, corn stalks and reeds) and promote various types of eco-friendly molded fiber products to support global customers in their effort to use more sustainable packaging.